919 ADMIN Permanent

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919 ADMIN (Permanent)
The Ultimate QBCore Admin Menu

3.5 months in the making
OneSync Infinity Only

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919 ADMIN is an admin menu that I set out to create after being unsatisfied with the options that are available currently. While there are a lot of great free options such as EasyAdmin or VMenu, I found myself looking for an admin menu with a deeper integration with my framework, as well as a good graphical user interface. 919 ADMIN has been designed from the ground up to excel at those two main things.

919 ADMIN is very closely integrated with the QBCore Framework and as such, offers a very deep level of interactivity with your RP server’s players, as well as its database. Over a hundred different actions and changes can be made through the menu to yourself, your players, peds around you, objects, vehicles, and your server’s database. I really tried to cover as much as possible with it.

Another crucial benefit of using 919 ADMIN is its ease of use and simple learning curve. Your admins and moderators won’t need to know how to mess with the database or enter complicated commands to DO MORE!


  • Super-useful Dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance player/staff count, a quick view of server logs, and 26 different self, server, vehicle, and entity management actions. (Screenshot)

  • Server Metrics page where you can view real time statistics about your QBCore server, including owned vehicles, bans, staff members, characters, unique players, player cash, player bank, inventory items. (Screenshot)

  • Log Viewer page where you can view real time server logs intercepted from the qb-logs ‘createLog’ event. This means all major log events will be automatically displayed and searchable in 919 ADMIN, with zero setup. It will intercept logs from qb-banking, qb-inventory, qb-multicharacter, qb-gangs, qb-bossmenu, and much more. (Screenshot)

  • Comprehensive Player List and Player Information/Actions views with 23 different framework-specific player actions and full player information. Warnings can also be listed through the player info view. All dangerous actions have confirmation prompts so no accidents happen. (Player List Screenshot, Player Information/Actions View Screenshot)

  • Built-in Warning System that automatically keeps track of any players warned, and displays a warning message that cannot be ignored by the player, requiring them to hold their space bar for 5 seconds to dismiss. (Screenshot)

  • Jobs and Gangs pages where you can list all of the jobs and gangs in your server and their members no matter if they are online or offline. You can also view player’s information from these screens, as well as fire, set grade, warn, and ban offline. (Screenshot)

  • Resources page that lists all resources currently loaded by FXServer as well as their status and provides the ability to start, stop, and restart any resource. (Screenshot)

  • Bans page that lists all bans in your QBCore server’s database, and provides the option to unban any player. (Screenshot)

  • Characters page that lists all characters in your QBCore server’s database, and allows you to delete characters, warn, and ban while player is online or offline. (Screenshot)

  • Dark Mode that can be enabled and disabled in the Settings window, and saves to your character. (Settings Window Screenshot)

  • See-Through mode that can be enabled and disabled in the Settings window, and saves to your character. This mode reduces the opacity of the main NUI to 90%, and is best used with Dark Mode, to give the full advantage of being able to see through your menu while using it. (See-Through Mode In Action)

  • All customers who purchase the permanent version of this resource will be entitled to free updates for life, including bug fixes and new features. All customers who purchase the subscription version of this resource will be entitled to free updates for the duration of their subscription.


  • FXServer 4752+
  • QBCore Framework (w/ oxmysql)

This resource does use the CFX Asset Escrow system. I would not be able to provide the subscription option without it. All client-side lua files are protected by this system. This does not completely limit customizability however, as all configs, server files and client-side NUI files are fully editable, and with enough coding knowledge (Lua, HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery) you can easily make lots of changes and additions to this resource, for your own use.